28 Aug

If you will examine your local cannabis market, you will have some questions that you need to ask yourself. Some of these questions would be: Why some places cost a lot than others? What pesticides are being used? Is safe to go to other places if do a purchase? These are only some of the questions and must be the factors when you make a decision in choosing a cannabis dispensary.
Size of Dispensary

Dispensaries in Vancouver are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are those that are clean where you would almost feel uncomfortable if you are going to go inside with dirty shoes. There are also those that are not-so-clean.

Staff Dispensary

Another crucial thing to consider when choosing your dispensary would be their staffs. All customers that walks through their door to buy a cannabis have different level of knowledge and expertise. The staffs should know how to overcome on their language barrier on the case of assisting people who know or don't know how to choose what they are really looking for.


Quality of the cannabis can be hard to determine if you will just purchase once. Purchasing one batch could be great or not, but you have to be aware that one visit to a dispensary is not enough. Reviews are very helpful in this case. It's best that you do some research about the company who had received awards before. You should also take time in knowing who grows the plants. View here for more info.


Dispensaries must always have different strains and not only for every mood, but one that could help in every ailment. A medical cannabis dispensary will depend on different selections of specific and ailment-related strains. When the shop that you consider only have few strains available, you may want to do more research more.


It doesn't matter how many times you will tell yourself that you will only go to the dispensary in your town because they have the best type. Whether the dispensary is just across your house or is next to your office, you should always give importance on the location and not just on the quality.


Cost is the most crucial thing that influences your decision on the selection of the right cannabis dispensary. However, the prices will vary based on different things which may sometimes be for a good reason.

Competition is what drives the cost of the cannabis. But you have to bear in mind that paying a low price is not always a good thing, but there are instances where it's good.

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